Get Ready to Experience Everything Hawaii Has to Offer

Hawaii is a unique and beautiful place – a land of history and legends, long-lived customs and values, and many ancient traditions – like the gift of a flower lei. People are friendly and welcoming and will gladly help you assimilate to the nuances of our culture. From food to music to language, Hawaii is rich with unforgettable experiences.

The state of Hawaii, located in the North Pacific Ocean, is composed of the longest chain of islands in the world, stretching northwest from the island of Hawaii for 1,523 nautical miles. Hawaii consists of 124 minor islands and the following 9 major islands. Check out some of the notable places on Hawaii Island here.

9 Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii

  • Hamakua
  • Kau
  • North Hilo
  • North Kohala
  • North Kona
  • Puna
  • South Hilo
  • South Kohala
  • South Kona

Resorts and Private Oceanfront Luxury Communities

  • Hokuli’a
  • Hualalai Resort
  • Kukio
  • Mauna Kea Resort
  • Mauna Lani Resort
  • Shores at Kohanaiki
  • Waikoloa Beach Resort

The combined land area of the Hawaiin Islands is 6,423 square miles. The state ranks 47th in the nation – larger than Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

As for the 50th state, Hawaii is appropriately called the ‘youngest state’ because the median age is 32.6 years. Hawaii’s population is not only very young but diversified as well. Today, Hawaii is home to almost a quarter of a million immigrants. In only five other states is a higher share of the population foreign-born.

The semi tropical climate and the influence of many cultures make life in Hawaii more informal than in many other states. The Hawaiian spirit of aloha prevails throughout the state.

Buying a home in Hawaii, especially for the first time, entails a fair amount of research and work. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle it alone. If you’re looking into buying a place of your own, we encourage you to reach out to us and see how we can help you land the home of your dreams.

Make your move to Hawaii easier with these helpful links:

Hawaii State Government

Offers guides on Government agencies that may be applicable to new residents on Hawaii, such as registering your automobiles, state tax issues, voting, etc.


The departments and agencies that make up the County of Hawaiʻi strive to keep the Big Island a safe and healthy place to live, work and play, by providing vital services to the community.

Motor Vehicle, Licenses, Permits and Passes:

Make sure to register your car at the local DMV; for information on where the DMV is and to make an appointment click on the link below.


Offers information on state public and private schools from K-12, plus higher education.

Real Estate

Offers information on purchasing or leasing residential and commercial property in Hawaii. The site offers many tools that will assist you in your decision making process.


The Hawaii Chamber of Commerce offers individuals and businesses information concerning the economic climate in the islands. In addition it also provides contact information for broader chamber association with local branches in Hawaii.


Setting up your utilities is a key part when moving to a new home. Check out the links below to find the right company and location for you.


Depending on where you are moving in and around the Hawaiian Islands, you may have the choice of two different cable companies. Check out the links below to see which company provides service in your area and to gather information on the best rates for your needs.

Trash and Recycling

Don’t forget to schedule your trash and recycling at your new location. To see what days your trash gets picked up in your new neighborhood take a look at the link below.


To keep up with the latest news around the Island and the world we suggest the following newspapers based on your locations.

Parks and Recreation

New to the neighborhood and in search of the local playgrounds, state parks and beaches; be sure to check out the below link to what your new neighborhood has to offer.


There are several shipping companies to choose from, and each company can provide you with a quote based on your location and the size of your container. Cargo takes an average of three weeks to arrive on the island. If you need faster service, you may mail your essential items in order to receive them in 5-10 days.

  • Matson Navigation Company – 800-462-8766 (toll-free)
  • Horizon Lines – 877-678-7447 (toll-free)
  • Honolulu Freight Service – 808-531-0258
  • Young Brothers Limited (Hawaii interisland moves only) – 808-543-9311
  • US Postal Service

As a point of reference, the average cost for moving furniture and other belongings of a five-person family (3-bedroom home and 2 cars) from Florida to Hawaii is approximately $14,000. If you’re going to be reimbursed for your relocation costs, you’ll need to submit original receipts. Keep in mind that some of your moving expenses may be tax deductible, so save your receipts.

Professional Home Inspection

For the buyer’s protection, the importance of having a home inspected by a professional home inspector cannot be over-emphasized. A home inspection is a visual physical examination, performed for a fee, designed to identify material defects in the home.

The home inspector will generally provide the buyer with a report detailing information about the home’s condition. The inspector and the report will point out existing and possible potential problems. The buyer is strongly encouraged to be in attendance for the entire inspection process to determine the scope of the inspection and any portions of the property excluded from the inspection. The buyer should carefully review this report with the inspector and ask the inspector about any item of concern.

Before engaging the services of any inspector, please verify that they have met the requirements to legally perform inspections in your state.