3 Options to Moving Your Pet to Hawaii

5 Day or Less Program-adapted

!n 2003 animals meeting specific pre-arrival and post-arrival requirements may have their quarantine period reduced to five days or less.

Direct Airport Release

Full 120-Day Quarantine

Because Hawaii has the rare distinction of being a rabies-free state the state government greatly restricts the travel of animals inbound between the U.S. mainland and foreign countries..

Effective since 30th June 2003, cats and dogs meeting specific pre-arrival and post-arrival requirements may have their quarantine period reduced to five days or less.

Special  Pre-Arrival Considerations:

The five-day-or-less quarantine program allows for direct release from the airport if all the pre-arrival requirements are completed and all the required paperwork is submitted at least ten days prior to arrival.

The cost for direct release will be $165. If the pet must be held for five days or less, the cost will be $224. Owners are responsible to ensure all documents are in order and all requirements are met.

Hawaii’s Animal Quarantine Law Checklist: https://hdoa.hawaii.gov/ai/files/2020/01/Checklist-2_01.22.2020.pdf

State  of Hawaii Animal Quarantine Branch

99-951 Halawa Valley Street

Aiea, Hawaii 96701

Main office (808) 483-7151

Facsimile (808)483-7161

Website: http:www.hdoa.hawaii.gov

Email: hdoaic@hawaii.gov

Animal Quarantine

Due to the minimum amount of time needed to prepare a puppy or kitten to meet the requirements of the 5-Day-Or-Less program, a puppy or kitten will be about 10 months of age by the time the preparations are completed. Puppies and kittens not able to meet all of the requirements for the 5-Day-Or-Less program will be quarantined for 120 days.

If your pet is very old, very young (less than 9 weeks of age), chronically ill, or debilitated animals should not be shipped. Pregnant animals are prohibited from entering. Animals that are discovered pregnant during quarantine shall be hospitalized at an approved veterinary facility at the owner’s expense. Owners with pets that experience difficulties during warm weather should use caution whenever shipping pets to Hawaii.

Owners of pets with these or other special medical requirements must register and arrange for quarantine of their pet at an approved veterinary hospital before arriving in Hawaii. High temperatures and high humidity usually peak during May through October. Pet enclosures at the Animal Quarantine Station are outdoor kennels.

Pet owners should consult with their veterinarians regarding potential pet hazards in Hawaii such as toads and poisonous plants. Persons importing pets into the State of Hawaii do so at their own risk. The State will not assume liability for any consequences resulting from shipment or confinement aside from negligence. The owner assumes all liability by presenting the animal for quarantine.

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