Pet Relocation to Hawaii Island: Essentials You Need to Know

Considering pet relocation to Hawaii Island? Question stands-how on Earth are you going to get your furry family member to the island and which type of real estate best suits your needs?

Hawaii is known as the only rabies-free state in the country. The Hawaii State Department of Agriculture has specific requirements in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both the pet and those who reside on the island. While these regulations have done wonders for control, they do come equipped with a few hurdles. Owners must have a solid plan in place and understanding the protocols to get their precious furry cargo over to paradise safely when relocating to hawaii with pets.

Understanding Current Protocols

With COVID-19 still on the rise and there being so many moving to Hawaii, protocols are constantly updating to best protect travelers and pets from the incoming threat of disease. With that being said, it is imperative for pet owners to stay on top of the latest rules and guidelines when relocating to hawaii with pets.

Have a strong plan in place. From making travel plans in advance to ensuring you have the proper funds in place to cover the relocation costs, that plan of action will only make the process smoother for all involved.

An overview of all the costs can be found here: https://hdoa.hawaii.gov/ai/aqs/aqs-info/

Types of Real Estate for Pet Relocation on Hawaii Island

Determining which kind of property is right for you is definitely the first step in getting you and your fur baby relocated to the island. Whether you’re looking to purchase a single-family home or considerring raw land to build as an option can help alleviate restrictions where your furry member can live. If a more turnkey option like resort or condo living there are a few along the Kona and Kohala Coast that allow. Contact Renee who can help you find the best option for your lifestyle needs and wants.


Single-Family Residential/Land

If you are in the market for a new single-family home or vacant land on Hawaii Island, than you’re in luck. This is one of the easiest routes to take when relocating your pet. With fee simple ownership opportunity homeowners may still have the restrictions of HOA’s or other property management rules to follow. There are opportunities without HOA’s but fewer and far between.

If you haven’t heard, now’s the time to buy. Check out the latest forecast for the luxury real estate market on Hawaii Island here: https://www.searchhawaiiproperty.com/luxury-real-estate-market-trends-to-a-sellers-market-along-kona-kohala-coast-on-the-big-island-of-hawaii/


Resorts/Condo Living

If you have your eyes set on seeking a resort or condo-living opportunity there are some great options available.While there may be some added restrictions for the height, weight and breed of your furry friend via the HOA, there are many resort and condo properties that welcome your entire family (paws included) with open arms. Contact me to find out!

For a full list of resort and condo properties that are pet friendly in the North Kona or South Kohala markets call 808-345-2108 or email at renee@searchhawaiiproperty.com.


Having Current Vaccination Records & Proper Documentation

One of the most important components of preparing your pet for relocation into Hawaii is making sure your pet is up to date on all of their required vaccinations.  Have all proper documentation gathered as well in advance of the anticipated arrival. From rabies vaccinations and microchipping to the OIE-FAVN blood test. This needs to be completed at least 30-days prior to the move.

There is a mandatory 30-day waiting period after receiving a successful OIE-FAVN result.

Here’s a broad look of what you’ll need to do before bringing a domestic animal into Hawaii: https://www.upack.com/articles/moving-to-hawaii-with-pets


Choosing Which Quarantine Options Works Best For You

As of Aug. 31, 2018, a new set of rules for the Rabies Quarantine Program was put into motion. Whether you’re moving a dog, cat or other approved domestic animal to Hawaii, there are two main programs to choose from:

#1: 5 Day or Less Quarantine Program & Direct Airport Release

Relocating to hawaii with pets are only eligible for DAR and the 5 Day or Less program if:

  • You’ve completed and submitted the paperwork at the correct time
  • The FAVN Rabies Antibody test result is successful
  • The 30-day waiting period has been completed

If the owner is able to complete the requirements on Checklist 1 (flying into Honolulu) or Checklist 2 (flying into Kona, Kahului or Lihue airports), their pet will be able to leave the airport with their owners once they pass an entry inspection.

#2: Full 120-Day Quarantine

Pets that are unable to meet the requirements above, arrive earlier than their owners or have paperwork that was filed incorrectly will be subjected to a full 120-day (4 month) quarantine.

During the quarantine period, you can visit your pet on:

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Wednesdays: 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays: 12:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Note: The station is closed to visitors on Mondays, Fridays and holidays.


Consider Hiring a Pet Mover

It’s obviously no walk in the park to relocate your pet to Hawaii so its best for you to consider a third-party service in moving your furry family. These businesses have the  tools, knowledge, and manpower to ensure your pet arrives safely with n0 mishaps. And while it may be tough to hand the leash over to another hand you can be rest assured there are a range of pet movers who include travel itineraries, live updates, and visitation so everyone is in the loop every step of the way!

Some of the most popular companies for pet relocation to Hawaii include:

This may all seem a bit overwhelming but keep in mind this happens each and every day here on the island. You are not alone! There are many resources including myself who specialize in pet relocation. Utilize the proper steps along with all the available tools so rest assured you can be reunited with your furry baby as quickly and safely as possible.


Other Important Resources


Thinking of dipping your toes into the Big Island real estate market, call Renee today 808-345-2108. Aloha!

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