Plenty of fun stuff to do!

One of the reasons living in paradise is like no other there is always plenty of fun stuff to do! Beaches galore, island cuisine, aerial tours, golf and more golf, tennis, ocean sports, ukulele and hula lessons, lei making classes, quilt groups, boating, sport fishing, senior centers, bookclubs, and gardening just to name a very few. Absolutely something for everyone even if you just want to relax and read a good book under a coconut tree (make sure though the coconut tree is trimmed!!).


‘Mo bettah’ weather than anywhere in the world!

Warm weather and if your growing into your retirement years very kind to some ailments assosciated with getting older. Temperatures range in the mid-70’s to mid 80’s on most parts of the island during the day. Nights do vary on the elevation you live. During our winter months our temperatures drop on average 10-15 degree’s depending where and what elevations in the islands you live.


Low property taxes!

Hawaii homeowners enjoy exemptions in the State of Hawaii’s already low property taxes. The older you get its gets cheaper!

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As a Homeowner owner occupant the breaks even get better with exemptions.

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Long Live a Longer Life Span!

If you feel like you want to be more active Hawaii’s indoor/outdoor living Hawaii is exceptional for active people like yourself!  Many homes and condo developments located all over Hawaii offer a variety of amenities that will appeal any lifestyle you are looking for and fits your needs.

For seniors a great free go to source for available care options and programs that help can be found by clicking these links below. Free resources that provide comprehensive information on topics like financial support and in home care options that are available:





If golf is your game then Hawaii has these incredible courses for you-CLICK!


Tax Exemptions!

For retired individuals Hawaii is one of only two states that exempts all pension and social security income from state income taxes! 


Friends to be made!

Its no surprise that Hawaii attracts some of the worlds most akamai (smart), successful and talented people. These talents and gifts can be shared with others in many clubs and socials about year around. Embrace the culture and it will embrace you back. Get involved in the community and share those talents in for example in writing, woodworking, painting, music, dance, performing arts, and language.


Hawaii and your Island Life await you!  If you are seriously considering moving here from anywhere in the world or just island skipping from one of our neighboring islands let me help you get where you want to be and living the Island Life 110%.  Hawaii is the amazing place to live and play!

Give me a call learn more about Hawaii from a lifelong resident!

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