New residents, reported population increases, and market trends here on Hawaii Island.

More than ever the pandemic continues to are affecting the current market we live yet is  attracting new residents to Hawaii month after month despite our low real estate inventory. as the big island continues to grow!

In fact, the Big Island is home to approximately 200,069 full-time residents as of recent census counts. Daily arrival visitor counts have decreased this month from approx. 23,292 to 16,154. This is a 38.6% decrease pre pandemic 2019. See charts.

State of Hawaii population changes

Hawaii Island continues to grow!

The Month of September 2021 has seen a decline in visitor arrivals

visitor arrivals decrease over the month of September 2021

Visitor Counts to Hawaii between 2019 to 2021

Market trends and visitor arrivals

The Big Island is drawing more attention worldwide as visitors to these islands realize the many benefits of owning property in Hawaii . Buying homes in Hawaii is not that difficult its just finding the home that suits your lifestyle best can be a challenge, but the reward of living here is the icing on the cake! The lifestyle is like no other so dreamers stop dreaming and grab your own piece of paradise.

On the flip side for Sellers the flaming hot seller’s market we’re experiencing in 2021, there’s never been a better time to sell as the demand continues. In August, single-family homes spent an average of just 18 days on the market.



There are 7 to choose between each with the own uniqueness and level of luxury:


Big Island population and market trends are affecting the current market in single family homes across West Hawaii. The four major districts of West Hawaii include: North Kona, South Kona, South Kohala, and North Kohala. Our median residential home average last month toped over $900K. This is a significant increase over the last 2 years market data.


If you are interested in vacation renting these types of units are available to obtain the County of Hawaii short term vacation rental certificate (STVR) if it doesn’t have one already that can transfer to the new owner. To obtain a STVR permit the unit must conform and be located within the required RESORT NODE.


Land sales in 2021 have tripled. To understand this better here on the Big Island our resources are limited in terms of water, electricity and sewage. For someone needing to understand where on the island has what will explain how real estate is more or less expensive in various areas across the island.

The 4 major districts I mentioned above in West Hawaii (North Kona, South Kona, South Kohala, North Kohala) are completely diverse in weather patterns and depending what elevation suits you ask these questions whats best for you.

Some areas may not have a fresh water source (connected to county) so you have a catchment tank. Sewer in more rural areas or lack there of means you’ll have to install a septic tank, and some very rural areas do not have electric available so off grid means your own power supplies.

The location and sources connected with a property will affect its pricing. For example, the districts of North Kona and South Kohala have fantastic weather and beaches not to mention outstanding sunsets every day of the year.

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