Often the question comes up, ” Hey Renee you love animals so much do you know where on the Kona Coast we can purchase a home or condo that our furry ohana can live? ” The answer is YES!!!  Whether you are relocating here to Kailua-KOna or the Kohala Coast or for those of you who already live here let me help guide you and locate what you are exactly you and your furry family ‘Ohana are looking for. There are many choices I can help narrow down depending on the size of property you are looking for, your budget, the animal restrictions in various complexes and subdivisions including the resort properties. Lets get going on locating your pet friendly island life property today!

Many complexes only allow up to a certain weight, number, or only fish or a bird or a chipmunk (no we don’t have those in Hawaii!) Sometimes with exception especially for those with disabilities law requires the exception with proper approvals the Board can also allow for more in how many and in weight. Inquire and I’ll check on the condos and apartment complexes you are most interested in.

Hawaii Island is comprised of 9 districts. Let me help you navigate your needs to find a home to purchase for you and your fur baby family.

Lets remember Hawaii is THE most remote place on the planet…getting your fur babies here takes many steps. Check out my page for more useful information and check out this worldwide dog lovers helpful website! It lists a bunch of dog friendly places and services!! Like where we can take our pups to dine with us?  We have many dog friendly establishments like Island Lava Java, Ola Brew, and . Check out Lava Dogs 808 managed by Rhonda Pollard for awesome information on everything DOGS 808! Rhonda Pollard is one exceptional human being who relocated here herself a few years back bringing her fur babies! Now her and her husband Mike own and operate an awesome chocolate company in Honoka’a here on the Big Island. The Honoka’a Chocolate Company Mahi Ola Mau Farm has some of the finest locally grown cacao you’ll find on earth! Check it out!

Meet Rubi my adorable POM POODLE MALTEZE mix!

At the Shops at Mauna Lani where my office is located holds the My Furry Valentine event each year has been popular amongst the dog lover community and for the pups themselves! Every year I enjoy making photo pins or magnets for free for those who pop by my office. If we have the event this coming February 2021 stop by my office and get your photo taken with your fur baby and Ill make you one up right there!

My Furry Valentine (fingers crossed for the event to be held in Feb 2021!

The Hawaii Island Humane Society has an awesome Central dog park at their new facility in Keauhou Mauka. There is a separate small and larger dog park areas. Looking for grooming Petco in Kona offers services along with the Dog Groomer in the new industrial area out by Costco Kona and Doggy Detail in the Old Industrial. WHERE TO DINE many great places along the coast check out Lava Dogs 808 for a great list of establishments like coffee and sandwich shops too.

Alii Vet has cared for Rubi since she was all but 1 pound.
Now she’s 5 pounds!

Call or send me an email message! I have information to share properties relating to pet friendly policies. I’ll answer your questions right away or get you in the right direction! For the list of fur family condos and subdivisions reach out Im happy to share.


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