We begin a nine-part series on why we call the Big Island  home and what makes the Big Island of Hawaii a unique place to live and why this beloved island is a treasure to call home. Hawai’i Island is referred to as the ‘Big Island’, the largest island of the main Hawaiian Island chain and the most youthful. The island is comprised of nine regions or districts known as, ‘moku’s comprised of North Kohala, South Kohala, North Kona, South Kona, Kau, Puna, North Hilo, South Hilo, and Hamakua. This article will focus on the North Kona district home to Kailua-Kona and magical sunsets.

A little background history about the Hawaiian Islands-situated in the Pacific Ocean they are the most isolated islands on earth. The Polynesian first settlements go back to 124 AD and remained isolated from any other inhabitants for another 500 years. The nearest distance between the State of Hawaii and the West Coast is approximately 2,500 miles, while Japan is 4,023 miles away and Australia an astounding 5,595 miles.

The Big Island was the origin and youth home of King Kamehameha the Great, the first founder to unite the islands, shaping the Kingdom of Hawaii. He likewise settled the realm’s most memorable seat of government on the Big Island also known as the Orchid Isle. North Kohala

At the point when you hear somebody allude to “Kona” or “the Kona Coast,” they’re discussing the western shore of the Big Island, ‘the west side’. In particular, the Kona region includes two of the Big Island’s nine districts or ‘moku’s’, North Kona and South Kona.

*****The First Region of Our Series About the Big Island is North Kona.*****

North Kona:

North Kona is quite possibly the most well-known vacationer location. Situated on the Western side of the Big Island, the Kona Coast is a shocking spot with probably the most lovely scenes that Hawaii brings to the table. Yet, how is it to live in North Kona, instead of basically visiting? We’ve assembled this manual for assist you with sorting out what north Kona living truly is like, the weather, employment, schools, living expenses, activities, lifestyle on the island, and what you can anticipate from day to day existence on this lovely land parcel… Read on to find all our insider information and tips!

1-The Weather:

The North Kona locale is situated on the leeward side of the Big Island, and that implies that weather conditions here is overall astounding: radiant and dry. You can track down wonderful temperatures all year, with radiant mornings, cloudy evenings, and an incidental evening shower. Winter in Kona is typically sunny and a little cooler in the evenings. Summer tends to be the rainy time of year mostly in the afternoons and evenings but living in the tropics the weather can always take a turn and either be a little wetter than normal or a bit dryer.


While choosing to move to North Kona, it’s smart to have some work got first. Perhaps the best drawback of living on Hawaii’s Big Island is that joblessness can be high, and rivalry for occupations can be wild. On the off chance that you are searching for work in areas, for example, the travel industry, medical care, food administration, or retail, then you might enjoy a benefit since these are the nearby ventures with many positions. With such astounding day-to-day environments, it is nothing unexpected such countless individuals need to move to Kona and get a new line of work there — so put karma on your side and begin work looking through well early. Furthermore, obviously, in the event that you can work from a distance or be independent, then, at that point, Kona living can be ideal for you.

3-Living Expenses:

Living in North Kona isn’t appallingly the same as living in the vast majority of the U.S. as far as the shopping experience. You will find exemplary stores like Target, Starbucks, and Costco, and items at similar costs. Something certain about living in Hawaii is that the expense of medical care is not exactly in the U.S. central area. The Big Island has an extraordinary medical services framework, that is reasonable to everything, meaning you can save money. This is particularly uplifting news on the off chance that you are routinely battling with medical problems.

4-The Activities:

With regards to attractions and exercises in North Kona, you’ll track down a lot of things to keep you occupied. This is particularly evident assuming you love getting outside. The island is loaded with land and ocean undertakings, including climbing, trekking, horseback riding, swimming, surfing, thwarting, kiteboarding, scuba jumping, four-wheeling, walking wilderness ways, bird watching, stargazing, setting up camp, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 


The Big Island has a few GREAT hiking trails through barren lava fields, lush rainforests or to secluded beaches. You can track down the most amazing trails north of Kona, on the Kohala coast, and in Waimea (Waipiʻo valley and Pololu valley).

6-Horseback Riding: 

A few farms around South Kona offer the potential chance to explore their (frequently exceptionally enormous) range as a feature of a directed visit through the fields with spectacular views of the coastline and peaks. It is likewise conceivable to make it of the reach and investigate other fabulous pieces of the island, like Holualoa.

C- Beaches:

Obviously, one of the primary motivations behind why individuals decide to move to Kona is to be close to gorgeous beaches. Fortunately, Kona has a great variety of beaches, from white sand to dark sand, cliffy beaches, flat beaches, calm beaches, and wave beaches. There is an out thing there for everybody. As a matter of fact, driving on the Kona coast will give you extraordinary open doors basically to pause and enjoy a delightful beach walk.Popular area favorites are Magic Sands, Kahalu’u Beach, Honl’s, Ho’okena, Kua Bay, Maks, Pine Tree’s (now Kohanaiki) and Kekaha Kai. 

D- Swimming/Paddle Boarding, Surf:

In the event that swimming is a leisure activity of yours, North Kona is an extraordinary spot to live. Kahalu’u ocean side is really probably the most delightful spot along Ali’i Drive to work on swimming and Stand Up paddle boardingone you’ll be returning to on numerous occasions on the off chance that you for sure choose to move to North Kona. Popular area favorites are Magic Sands, Kahalu’u Beach, Honl’s, Ho’okena, Kua Bay, Maks, Pine Tree’s (now Kohanaiki) and Kekaha Kai. 


Since it draws in such countless sightseers, the nightlife in Kona is truly outstanding on the Big Island. In any case, don’t come in expecting gigantic clubs and Irish bars. Kona has its very own nightlife which is more centered around loose, seaside bars. Probably the best places to go celebrating are basically little eateries that change into bars and clubs around evening time. The size of these spots makes for a more personal encounter, and you might end up rapidly becoming accustomed to chill night-outs in a patio, instead of a clamorous club.

5-Living and Real Estate-

The district of North Kona is the most populated district in West Hawaii, and has, over the years seen some really rapid growth.  Kailua-Kona spreads from as far North as Puu WaaWaa where you find the equestrian community of Puu Lani Ranch to as far South as Keauhou filled with many condos complexes and lovely gated upscale communities.  To the north of the airport at Keahole, you have the luxury resort communities such as Hualalai Resort, Kukio, Maniniowale, and Kaupulehu. In the heart of Kailua-Kona, many communities are scattered from the ocean to the mountains. Scattered throughout Kona Vistas, Kailua View Estates, Kuakini Heights, Kona Bay Estates, Alii Heights, Kona Hills, Palisades, and Sunset View Terrace Lots along with a plethora of oceanfront condo complexes such as Kona Bali Kai, Sea Village, Kona By the Sea, Kanaloa at Kona, Kona Reef, Kona by the Sea, and the Keauhou Kona Surf and Racquet.  Everything from the old classic Kama’aina cuties to the eloquent ocean front marvels, condominiums, and single-family residences are found nestled along the coastline and hillside of this popular district.  Jobs, restaurants, shopping, and an array of activities to entertain are all within a short drive. The cozy little community of Holualoa overlooks Kailua-Kona at the cool elevation of 1200+ feet. This is considered to be located within Kona’s well-known coffee belt where the climate is lush and tropical and perfect for growing that fine Kona Coffee that we all love.

 Whether you start your love affair with the island while on vacation just as a visitor exploring the hundreds of attractions here, or you make the move prior to having any knowledge or first-hand experience of this wonderful place, Kona is a great place to land, start to spread your roots and call home.

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